Portugál cserekapcsolat

Hun-Port Exchange 2018


In the last days of the Exchange we can look back on the program and think about the good, awesome and the not so pleasant parts. In retrospect it was great, meeting the Portuguese culture was an interesting experience and a good bit of change from our daily life.
 First of all, the Hungarian part: We could show them our life, culture and customs, as well as we had a hell of a good time looking after them and organizing their evenings. We gave a chance to taste our cuisine, see our “world”, including the SNOW (and we shall not forget the fact that we could miss out classes legally, of course).

In Portugal: in the beginning we were more nervous because this time we needed to go abroad to a whole new world. But considering what we had so far we were wrong. The people are great and friendly though the weather isn´t the best. We had an awesome time exploring Lisbon, tasting the cake of Belem. Most of us could see the ocean for the first time, (or just flying by plane for the first time) or to SURF.

In the end we should think about what are the differences and similarities of the two countries and cultures.  Even though we live 3000 kms away, we still have the same dreams and pros and cons as individuals. But still our cultures are so different, a land-locked country lonely standing in the region and a fallen ocean empire. Their cuisine is more based on fish and sea food but with less spices compared to the Hungarian counterpart.
So in the end we would love to come back anytime to Lisbon, Portugal, and hope that our partners feel the same way and would like to visit Hungary again.

Török Laura - Tóth Bálint