Dear students in Jedlik! We are at London right now, it's our second day here. And we would like to share our journey with you! We started planning this trip a year ago, and now it has come true! After waking up at 3 am on the 13th of March the whole class showed up at the airport on time, without any complications, we landed in Stansted, UK. In the afternoon we visited Saint Paul's Cathedral, the grandest church in England. The tour was thought provoking, we've learned about this impressive building, built by Christopher Wren, after the Great Fire of London. Upon leaving Saint Paul's, we took a long walk on the embankment of river Thames. Once we reached the London Eye, we figured it wasn't worth the effort, considering the terrible weather that day. The whole class was starving, the bravest of the class ate some street food, for which London is renowned. We reached our accommodation exhausted, so there was no trouble falling asleep that night. The next day started early, since the breakfast was served at 7 am. Using the Tube, we reached Trafalgar square, where the well known National Gallery is located. Seeing the world famous paintings was an experience words can't ever fully describe. After leaving the breath-takingly beautiful and detailed collections in the gallery behind, we took off to see the class's favourite, Westminster Abbey. In this magnificent gothic building we saw a lot of tombs of the most famous English people, amazing stained windows and elaborate interiors. Then we walked through Saint James's Park to Buckingham Palace, where we took a lot of pictures of the royal building. We knew Her Majesty was inside because the flag was on. At the end of the day we crossed Hyde Park, where we saw Kensington Palace. Then we took the metro „home“.